A look at some of my recent talks and interviews

Helping Humans Master Money (43:14)

Jason gives his signature financial wellbeing talk to staff at Aviva in June 2019.


How to be Good with Money (4.41)

In this 5 minute video for FT Schools, I explain in simple terms the essential things to know and do to develop good money habits.


Make Money Your Servant (32.05)

Jason gives a keynote to young wealthy adults in Goa, India


Be Better With Money (42.23)

Jason speaks at the Professional Speaking Association 2018 annual conference about improving personal financial well-being.


Jason Keynotes at Lane Clark and Peacock’s 2018 Annual Conference


In this 20 minute keynote Jason spoke to 600 HR and benefit managers about how to better support the financial wellbeing of their employees.


Simple steps to financial well-being (27.19)


Money Moments at (25:42)

Jason speaks to young adults at Google’s London Campus about financial wellbeing and takes questions from the audience.


Evidence Based Interview (7.02)

Jason gives his views on the implications of Vanguard launching a direct to consumer investment platform in the UK.


Financial Wellbeing Insights (24:57)

Jason gives an overview of key financial wellbeing concepts and insights, drawing from his book Money Moments.


Next Generation Planners (22:43)

Jason speaks to an audience of young planners about key issues and trends affecting the financial wellbeing of their clients.


Miss Lolly interviews Jason (30:15)

Miss Lolly, aka experienced financial adviser Lisa Conway, interviews Jason about his book Money Moments. 


2017 Sky News Interview

In this live interview on Sky News in May 2017 I discuss the role that money plays in making us happy.