Matt Lee.png

Mark Lee

Futurist: Commercial and future focused insights for accountants

“Jason is a man on a mission. He has a compelling style and easily held the rapt attention of his audience at a recent conference. Whilst he had a serious and important message, he added sufficient humour to keep everyone onside.

His knowledge, insights and advice ensured he provided valuable takeaways and tips to everyone - whether or not they are currently happy with their financial situation. Thanks Jason.”

Andy Lopata.png

Andy Lopata

Keynote business speaker

"I saw Jason speak to a group of experienced professional speakers. When I've seen speakers on the topic of managing money before, I've felt either patronised or that they were too concerned with demonstrating their own brilliance, rather than helping the audience. Jason did none of that.
Packed with excellent humour and his engaging style, Jason shared insightful information that made sense and offered practical solutions that are easy to act upon. I would suggest that the presentation had sometihing for people wherever they are are in their current financial circumstances.”

Tiffany Kemp Rectangle.png

Tiffany Kemp

Immediate Past President, Professional Speaking Association

“Jason’s keynote delivered a massive punch, with charm, humour and sensitivity. I was fascinated to learn how feelings and beliefs I had acquired during childhood shape my relationship with money today, and how this could be affecting both my personal life and business success. Jason’s simple model has given all of us the tools to take control of this all-important relationship, and I can’t wait to put it into practice!”

Laura Myers.png

Laura Myers

Partner & Head of DC Investment, Lane Clark & Peacock LLP

"I am very happy to endorse Jason. We were very happy with his presentation at our annual conference - it was very engaging and entertaining and hit the mark perfectly, as the selection of delegate comments below testify."


Stella Wojewodka

Global Engagement Manager, YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP

"I’d never arranged a financial presentation for our young, dynamic and mainly millennial team before. It was also optional for people to come and listen in their lunch hour. Jason had a maximum capacity crowd and lit the room with his personable style and presentation skills. Everyone was completely engaged for the entire 30 min talk which was pitched absolutely perfectly. Relevant, witty and incredibly intelligent- not at all preachy or ‘death by stats’! I’m hoping he’ll come back and see us again."

Liz Alexander.png

Liz Alexander

HR & Operations Manager | Seedrs

"Jason brings his thoughts on all things financial vividly to life usireal-life examples – all delivered with wit and wisdom."

Shana Burns.png

Shauna Burns

Careers Advisor, Manchester Metropolitan University

"My expectations were high, given the title ‘One hour that could change your life’. Jason’s session didn’t disappoint. It was delivered in a hugely energetic way and Jason engaged and interacted with our students throughout. A session that was packed full of theory, industry insights and inspirational stories. Lots of useful takeaways for all our students!"

Max Rofagha.png

Maximilian Rofagha


"Jason manages to convey seemingly dull concepts in a genuinely engaging way. He strikes the right balance between entertaining the audience and educating them at the same time. The fascinating thing is that he manages to do so for audience members of all sophistication levels. The attendees of our event left his talk feeling inspired and wanting to take their financial lives under control. Highly recommended!"

Adam Carolan.png

Adam Carolan

Joint Founder, Next Gen Planners

"Jason was the opening speaker for the inaugural NextGen Planners conference.

As expected he was knowledgeable and engaging. The majority of the audience were under 35 and Jason talked about his experience of financial planning and also his thoughts about the way the profession was moving with some extremely relevant and powerful points.

He knowledge of technology and financial planning together along with a powerful presenting style made him the perfect start to our conference."

Andy HartRectangle.png

Andy Hart

Founder, Humans under Management

"Jason was the closing speaker at our one-day conference and he absolutely nailed it. His stories, humour and down to earth style combined to finish our event on a high."

Georgia KirkeRectangle.png

Georgia Kirke

Founder & CEO Write Business Results

"Jason is an excellent speaker with a presence and a way with the audience that I haven't seen at other events. He's funny and engaging while delivering valuable content, and the result is more than a talk; Jason provides an experience. As a guest speaker at my one-day event to a room of 80 people, Jason immediately captured the audience's attention, made them laugh, gave the audience information they could act on and provided motivation and inspiration that's stayed with them. One audience member has already emailed, "Jason had clearly tailored his content to complement the day and we all loved him for it - that let us know he really cares". If you’re looking for a speaker at your event, I highly recommend Jason."

Clive SheltonRectangle.png

Clive Shelton

Chartered FCSI, Chairman of Tax-efficient Savings Association & Chair of CISI Examinations Board

"Our audience at the CISI Young Money Debate in Essex were inspired and captivated by Jason. He was able to bring the whole debate to life, showing great empathy with the audience. His ability to convey knowledge, engage and enthuse an audience in a short talk is simply brilliant, worthy of TEDtalks . He thoroughly deserves this recommendation!"

Justin CashRectangle.png

Justin Cash

News Editor, Money Marketing

"Jason is an entertaining speaker who can liven up seemingly dense financial planning topics by adding a bit of character to a presentation."

Jacinta NwachukwuRectangle.png

Jacinta Nwachukwu

Principal Lecturer in Finance, Coventry Business School

"Jason gave a presentation on personal finance to 330 second year undergraduate students who are registered on our Business, Finance, Economics and Investment Courses. My students and I found him to be an engaging, inspirational and knowledgeable speaker. He was creative in the way he amended his contents and delivery style to accommodate the key learning outcomes of the module. Jason’s application of theory, supported with humorous real life experiences, was an excellent demonstration of his knowledge of the subject matter, with considerable breadth and depth of understanding."

profile-icon-9 copyRectangle.png

Nicholas Jame

Head of Curriculum - Accounting and Financial Services, Coventry University

“Jason Butler is a very inspirational and motivational speaker. He really applies the idea of ‘theory meets practice’ and brings real world scenarios to enthuse and inspire. Our students were so engaged, to the extent that they didn’t want him to stop.”

profile-icon-9 copyRectangle.png

Ai-Quang Tonthat

Associate Tutor, Accounting and Financial Services, Coventry University

"Our Financial Services students were captivated by Jason’s wit and his inspiring story-telling style. Many students acknowledged that they felt very privileged and lucky because, not only had Jason shared with them his valuable knowledge and industry experience, but also showed them what they could achieve in life after their studies.”

Lee TravisRectangle.png

Lee Travis

Head of Professional Development, The Personal Finance Society

"During the Autumn of 2016, Jason was one of our most popular keynote speakers at our four national conferences. Jason consistently delivered his presentations in an entertaining and engaging way, incorporating humour, whilst demonstrating his knowledge in the subject matter. We found Jason to be a true professional and a perfectionist."

profile-icon-9 copyRectangle.png

Gareth Griffiths

Marketing Manager, Aviva

"Jason brought his wide experience of the advice market and the needs of customers to enhance our filmed discussion about intergenerational financial planning. Not only was his contribution based on his extensive knowledge and experience, but Jason was an engaging contributor to the discussion, ensuring that the conversation flowed freely."

profile-icon-9 copyRectangle.png

Tim Power

Town and Provincial Seminars - Seminars for the professions

"Jason prepares painstakingly and delivers with panache."

Alan McCarthyRectangle.png

Alan McCarthy

Head of Adviser Solutions, Standard Life

“We used Jason for our recent conference and were very happy with the impact. Jason brought great energy to the day through a thought provoking and well planned presentation that resonated with the audience. While the presentation itself was excellent, we were highly impressed with the planning and detail that went into both the preparation for the day and also the follow up plan. We received great feedback and have valuable content to further engage our delegates over the coming months."

Nicola WattsRectangle.png

Nicola Watts

Director, Jane Smith Financial Planning and CISI Branch committee member

"Jason presented at one of our CISI branch meetings. He was presenting to a room of experienced financial planners, but made us all think a little bit harder about what we were doing and why. His energy is infectious and his enthusiasm for his subject clear. He had obviously prepared diligently for the presentation, but despite this was flexible and adaptable enough to extend his piece to help cover a speaker that had dropped out on us! I’d have no hesitation in recommending Jason as a speaker who will engage and entertain an audience."

John PennRectangle.png

Jon Penn

Chairman ACE CEO & Directors groups around Bristol, Bath & Swindon

"Feedback was on the whole very good. Overall score was 8.2 – a very respectable score. [Your workshop] was engaging, informative, useful and fun."

Daniel KiernanRectangle.png

Daniel Kiernan

Research Director, Intelligent Partnership Limited

"Jason is a great speaker. He is engaging, entertaining, knowledgeable and credible. As the final speaker of the day at our events, he was creative enough to amend his content to include discussion points that were raised earlier, and flexible enough to shorten or lengthen his talk to ensure we finished on time. He was also very good value in our panel sessions, taking questions and challenging lazy thinking."

Lien LuuRectangle.png

Dr Lien Luu

CFP, Northampton Business School

“Jason is a brilliant public speaker. Our lecture room was lit up by his charisma, energy, passion and sense of humour. His ability to see the issues below the iceberg and convey them in a simple way captivated the students and inspired them to view financial planning in a completely different light.”

Clive WallerRectangle.png

Clive Waller

Managing Director, CWC Research

“Many thanks for your brilliant contribution to our network conference. It was fascinating and just what we hoped for. The feedback was excellent.”

profile-icon-9 copyRectangle.png

Gini Bolton

CFPCM, Chairman - East Midlands Branch, Institute of Financial Planning

“Jason Butler is an exceptional and inspiring public speaker, whose energy and enthusiasm are boundless. Combined with a great sense of humour and sometimes, self-deprecation, he is a refreshing change from the ’grey suit brigade’!”

Duncan Hannay RobertsonRectangle.png

Duncan Hannay Robertson

CFPCM, Chairman - Cambridge Branch, Institute of Financial Planning

“Your presentation last night was absolutely brilliant. Just when I thought you had reached a plateau, you decide to take things to another level. Not just one level up, about 100! Once again, thank you for your valuable time and a truly inspirational presentation.”

Stephen BarrattRectangle.png

Stephen Barratt

Accountants & Business

“The most refreshing thing about Jason’s stimulating presentation was the fact that he left solutions to the end. Instead he focused mainly on the importance of understanding what clients are looking for, the range of issues they face and how they view the world.”