Squeezing The Orange

simple ways to live a full life

Written for those who wish to live life to the fullest, Squeezing The Orange focuses on the activities and mindsets that lead some people to achieve the life they want, and others to settle for a life that'll do.

Full to the brim with stories, anecdotes, first hand experiences and centuries old knowledge, this book motivates those who want more for themselves than their current 'normal'.

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This is the only book you need to step into a better version of yourself. It is easy to dip into a chapter, each with practical advice based on real life examples.
— DIANA MALONE, Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master, Thought Field Therapy



Empower you to create your own rules.


Examine leadership and discover how you can lead yourself to a greater life.


Simplify the key principles and practices of success, whatever that may look like for you.


Offer sound, honest advice you can immediately action, in order to improve your own life and to nurture your drive to achieve.


Push you outside of your comfort zone and encourage your growth.





A cracking good read. The life advice in this book should pay for itself many times over.
— Justin Urquhart-Stewart, Broadcaster and co-founder Seven Investment Management
A really enjoyable, easy-to-read book with important life lessons for everyone. Bravo, Jason!
— Neil Darke, CEO The Life House
Easy to read and packed with inspiring stories, this invigorating book will encourage you to live life to the full.
— Dr Lien Luu, Associate Head of School: Enterprise & Commercial, Coventry Business School
Storytelling has been a crucial skill throughout history but like any skill it has to evolve to appeal to the next generation. Squeezing the orange evolves in this way, providing humour, inspiration and strategies to take your life to a higher level.
— David Hulman, Self-Belief Chief
This is a great little book of wisdom that should be one of your lifelong companions. Keep it in a convenient place and pick it up often, whenever you need inspiration or motivation. Jason reminds us that life is not a rehearsal, each of us only have a short time on this beautiful planet, and we have to squeeze the most out of life.
— Paul Armson,  Entrepreneur and author
Jason Butler is a great communicator and I loved this book. He explores some exciting, simple, and important ideas that are relevant to anyone looking to live life to the full.
— Brett Davidson,  Founder, FP Advance