Tom avoids extravagance to become financially free

Episode 13

This week I speak to Tom, who explains how he and his wife resisted the temptation to develop a high rolling as their household income rose substantially, to enable them to become financially independent.

And do listen to the end to hear Tom explain why he intends to keep working as long as he can, despite not needing to do so. 

Jason Butler
Verity's saving habits make space for more fun

Episode 12

This week I speak to Verity, who explains how developing effective saving habits when she was young enabled her buy her first home.

And Verity explains how she and her husband are gradually improving their money conversations and creating a more intentional spending approach to having more fun, without feeling guilty. 

Jason Butler
Georgia invests in herself

Episode 11

This week I talk to Georgia, who explains how her grandmother's influence helped her channel her enthusiasm for business to work smart, not just hard.

Georgia explains how she avoided almost flunking her degree after running off to India and how she stayed motivated after graduating while doing various menial jobs. She shares the pain of learning corporate sales in her early working life and how she benefited from having a great role model to guide her. 

And be sure to listen to the end when she shares some priceless pearls of money wisdom, which she wished she had known when she was 20.

Jason Butler
Phil bounces back from the brink

Episode 10

This week I speak to marketing agency owner Phil, who explains how some earlier adult life experiences made him realise how precious and short life is.

Phil goes on to explain how his ego caused him to lose almost all his wealth, and how he came back from the brink to rebuild his life, by making his business and money his servants, not his masters.

Jason Butler
Jonathan makes money decisions based on his values

Episode 9

This week I speak to IT worker Jonathan, who explains how he learnt the value of money and financial resilience doing paid work when he was a teenager.

Jonathan also explains how he and his wife's life values and priorities helped them ignore the siren calls of others to buy a bigger home, thereby becoming completely debt-free in their mid 30s.

And be sure to listen to the end when Jonathan explains why he stays humble and continues to improve his understanding of money.

Jason Butler
Iona keeps it simple to master her money

Episode 8

This week I speak to financial journalist Iona, who explains how her mother's canny and careful approach to money helped lay the foundations for Iona to keep her own lifestyle simple and low-cost.

We discuss how social media and reality TV can lead to emotionally driven spending, the role of personality in career choices and why she has never had a credit card. 

The Young Money Blog

Jason Butler
Robin makes the most of his opportunities

Episode 7

This week I speak to journalist and media business owner Robin, who explains how his parents' early sacrifices to fund his education enabled him to attend Oxford University, which led to him associating with the UK's new prime minister and several other members of the current cabinet.

Be sure to listen to why and how, after 20 years, Robin made the leap from a well-paid job as a television journalist, to starting and running his own media business, and how he navigated the financial highs and lows.  

The Evidence-Based Investor

Jason Butler
Laura makes progress with her money while having fun

Episode 6

In this week's espiode I speak to Laura, a self-employed accountant who is married with two young boys. Laura explains how the break up of her parents when she was a teenager caused her to develop some money avoidance habits that, when combined with her spontaneous personality, almost caused her to go off the financial road.

Laura also explains how she made the change to become a saver, is teaching her children how to have a good relationship with money and how she reconciles her and her husband's different money perspectives. 

Jason Butler
Annabel becomes soulmates with money

Episode 5

In this week's episode Jason speaks to 50 something Annabel, who recounts how she recovered from some money mistakes when she was at university to gradually build wealth through property. Annabel also shares how a successful claim on a critical illness policy gave her the financial support to recover and go on to form her own start up business in her 50s.

Jason Butler
David's quest for financial independence to retire early (FIRE)

Episode 4

This week I speak to David, who has turned his five year journey of discovery on how to become financially independent, into a compelling new book - RESET: How to Restart Your Life and Get F.U. Money: The Unconventional Early Retirement Plan for Midlife Careerists Who Want to Be Happy.

Jason Butler