Money Moments

Simple Steps to Financial Well-being

Whether it’s affording the basics in life, feeling more in control of your money, or balancing today’s spending needs with those in later life, many of us struggle to manage our finances as well as we would wish. 

Drawing on his 25-year career as a financial adviser and the latest academic research, Jason Butler shows how you can reduce stress and anxiety relating to money and increase your life choices and build long-term financial security.

Through numerous real life stories, anecdotes and proven techniques, Jason shows how your spending, working and saving decisions affect your overall financial well-being, and what habits, behaviours and attitudes you need to adopt to improve it.


·      How a simple change of mindset can improve how you feel about money 

·      Why you might be much richer than you think

·      Learn when not to go shopping and what to avoid buying

·      How to spend your way to happiness and fulfilment without blowing your budget

·      Why making yourself look old can dramatically increase how much you save  

·      Learn how to make your money work hard for you with minimal effort or cost

·      Understand what you need to do to avoid a financial shock paralysing your life 

Whatever your age, education, income or wealth, Money Moments will give you the insights, understanding, inspiration and confidence you need to improve your financial well-being and get the most out of life.

The 20 point planning checklist alone is worth the cover price! 


Lisa Conway Hughes, founder of, talks to Jason about his newest book,  Money Moments: Simple steps to financial well-being.