How to get control of ALL your day to day spending

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Learning to control your day to day spending is the essential foundation upon which your financial wellbeing is built. My Smart Spending System introduced the simple concept of the THREE YOUs and using separate accounts to quarantine money for those different priorities, as shown in the diagram below.

Spending chart 3.png

But this only works if you are totally clear about your true expenses. You might thing that this is your spending.

Spending chart 1.png

When in fact your actual spending is more like this.

Soending chart 2.png

You need to account for ALL your annual expenses, including all those irregular amounts that you know will come along, even if you aren’t sure exactly when and how much they will be.

In this 5-minute video I explain the concept in more detail.

Let me know if the video helps you. I’d love to hear your money success story. And please do share this blog with anyone who you think it could help. When you feel in control of your money you feel in control of your life, and that’s a wonderful state to be in.

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Jason Butler