One of the central themes of my new book – Money Moments: Simple steps to financial well-being – is that we can all be better at managing our money if we really believe we can.

But it’s not just personal finance that this applies to, it applies to anything in life.  The term ‘Turn your mind to’ is often used to make the point that with determination, focus, effort and discipline we can master, or at least improve, any skill that we wish to.

Henry Ford is reported to have said nearly 100 years ago ‘If you think you can, you can’. But in the 1990s psychologist Icek Ajzen developed his Theory of planned behaviour, which clearly linked beliefs and behaviour.

Theory of planned behaviour.png

The theory is that believing: a) you can do something; b) that it is what others expect you to do; and c) it is within your control leads to the behaviours necessary to achieve the desired outcome.

In my experience, we are often our own worst enemy, in that we doubt our own ability, are overly hard on ourselves if we make a mistake or fall short in some way.

The difference between those who achieve any type of success (however they define it) and those who don’t is their self-belief combined with sustained and disciplined effort.  

So, whether it’s managing your money, developing strong human relationships, maintaining good health, passing an examination or learning a new skill, just remember that it starts with believing in yourself.

You can do it!

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Jason Butler